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Welcome to a world where nightmares come true! 

     I’m Kitten Jackson, and yes, that’s my legal name. And no, I was never a stripper! LOL! My dad started calling me that when I was a couple of days old, and it stuck. So when I was 21, I changed it legally. Probably not the smartest move I ever made, but Charlotte didn’t work. Pretty name, but just not me.

Peej & Kitten
Here’s my bio…
     Kitten K. Jackson spends all summer looking forward to her favorite season, autumn! She’s a Bama fan from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She’s an author and a talented freelance editor. She also creates her own graphics. 
     Her Keeping Secrets trilogy is a VERY DARK erotic romance/psych thriller. 

She released her first erotic vampire romance, Forever Camden, in December of 2015. Ironically, it isn’t nearly as dark as her first series. But in the sequel, The Coming Darkness, Cam's life careens way off the rails, rendering him unable to cope! The darkness has come! If you think things got crazy then, wait until you read Blood on the Moon!
     Kitten has also published Cheaters & Broken Hearts: Surviving the Love Triangle, a self-help book for those affected by infidelity.
     Kitten’s books have been referred to as ‘romance meets horror,’ but they also have red-hot ‘love scenes’ and even a little humor. 
      Her own real-life experiences with domestic violence and rape likely contribute to the darkness of her stories. And hearing tales of the murders of two of her grandfather’s brothers surely plays a part in her macabre edge-of-your-seat style of writing.



Keeping Secrets Trilogy damaged & disturbed banner

My first series, The Keeping Secrets Trilogyis a very dark story about survival--two damaged souls who find love after both being abused. 


Keeping Secrets Series 
postcardAlmost 16 years after one fateful night of rage and violence, Greg makes a decision that will change his life, as well as Abbie’s, forever. He’s willing to risk going to prison in order to have a chance at making her fall in love with him. And anyone who gets in his way will die.
The story of Abbie and Greg is a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride of emotions, from beginning to end. They’re definitely not a match made in Heaven, but that doesn’t stop them from having an extremely intense, passionate, and never-ending love.
Keeping Secrets
Because the damaged and disturbed need love, too.            

My Romantic Bloodlust Series is erotic vampire romance. Yes, I said 'vampire.' Three years ago, if you had told me I'd be writing vampires, I would've told you that you were insane, but they're so much fun to write! The possibilities are almost endless... like their love. V''''V  

All three books, Forever Camden,The Coming Darkness, and Blood on the Moon are available now. 

Cheaters & Broken Hearts book cover
is my only self-help book. I had so many requests for more information on the Cheaters & Broken Hearts website that I decided to write the book. It's available now. 

If you'd like a signed copy of any of my books, contact me at kittenjackson@ymail.com or through this site. They are $18 each, which includes shipping. PayPal is my preferred method of payment.

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