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WARNING: Contains adult subject matter that some may find disturbing, including domestic violence and sexual battery. This is a very dark story about survival--two damaged souls who find love after both being abused. 

Keeping Secrets III begins where Keeping Secrets II left off. KS II was a hell of a ride, but KS III goes beyond crazy!

“I couldn’t let a little thing like dying keep me away from Abbie. She’s my soulmate, and I intended to keep it that way. When I told her I would never let her go, I meant it.” 
— Greg
“His eyes met mine, and I could see his pain. I tried to imagine what he was feeling, loving me so much and not being able to be with me due to the fact that I didn’t want him, because he was dead. But I did want him. I just didn’t want him like that. However, my heart and my body didn’t get the message.” 
— Abbie
Yes, Greg is back! But this time, the tables have turned. There’s a new villain in town, and her name is Sarah. She has emerged from a watery grave, and she’s hellbent on having Greg for herself, even if it means killing Abbie. 
How many will have to die in this dark tale of twisted, everlasting love?

Keeping Secrets III dirty teaser

Keeping Secrets III love teaser

Keeping Secrets III teaser

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