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Contains adult subject matter that some may find disturbing, including domestic violence and sexual battery. This is a very dark story about survival--two damaged souls who find love after both being abused. 

As one reviewer said, Keeping Secrets is like 'horror meets romance.' It's a white-knuckle, edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster ride from start to finish!

     Sparks fly when Greg returns to Pensacola to be with Abbie. When she realizes who he is, she must decide whether to take a chance with the gorgeous friend who raped her years ago, or to trust her instincts...and the police. Has he changed, or is he guilty of a double murder? Her heart says, "Go for it," but her gut says, "Run!" 
     A tormented man, Greg Parker, is obsessed with a woman he raped 16 years ago, but hasn't seen since then. Over the years, he transforms himself from Johnny Moretti, the skinny geek and rapist, into a very attractive and manipulative man, not even recognizable to himself. 
     The woman, Abbie Kolbeck, is haunted by the memory of her rapist, someone she trusted. When he contacts her after all those years, she's drawn to him, believing the familiar feeling between them means their union is fate. She has no idea she's falling for
her rapist.
     After a whirlwind romance, Abbie finds that Greg is being investigated for the murder of his best friend and the friend's girlfriend. And after a not-so-gentle session in bed, she realizes that he's the man she forgave for raping her so long ago. 
     Abbie wants to believe Greg's denials, but she's torn between her feelings for him, and her desire to protect her daughter and herself from a man the 
police are telling her is a murderer.    

Check out the 
Andrew Seaward did an excellent job creating it. Thank you, Andrew!

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Excerpt #1
     Feeling eyes upon her, she approached the nightstand and turned on the lamp. She looked around the dimly lit room, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. She then walked to the corner and kicked off her high-heeled sandals.
Still feeling a presence, she scanned the room as she took off her blouse and draped it across the back of a rocker near the bed. She then took off her bra and short, black skirt.
     As she stood there in her black lace panties, a shiver crawled up her spine. She knew he was there, but where? He bolted from the closet and grabbed her from behind. He put his left hand over her mouth, and grabbed her around the waist with his right arm. She tried to scream, but only muffled groans were allowed to escape as he threw her onto the bed, on her stomach.
     “Shut up!” he growled.
     She struggled and tried to pull away, but he was a tall, muscular man, and he was strong. Her heart pounded as he tugged at her panties. She tried again to scream, but he pressed her face into the bed with his shoulder as he tugged at his Levi’s.
He put his hands around her throat. She panicked and fought harder, but the harder she fought, the tighter he squeezed. Just as she began to feel light headed, and her muscles began to lose their strength, he let go of her throat. He lifted himself up on his left elbow to get in position to enter her. She took the opportunity to reach back and dig her nails into his side.

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